Terms and Conditions

High-Speed Wireless Internet

It is the policy of AlwaysOn to deliver highspeed internet to the home and business within the service area in Bannock County Idaho.

AlwaysOn engineers its network with the goal of enabling customers to enjoy the broadband Internet access service speeds to which they subscribe.

AlwaysOn however does not does not guarantee that a customer will achieve those speeds at all times. AlwaysOn advertises its speeds as "up to" a specific level based on the tier of Internet access service to which a customer subscribes. As AlwaysOn makes clear in its advertising and pricing information disclosures, "Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed". The "actual" speed that a customer will experience while using the service depends upon a variety of conditions, many of which are beyond the control of AlwaysOn as an Internet Service Provider.

It is also the Policy of AlwaysOn to conduct business in a professional, customer focused manner. Customers should experience prompt timely attention concerning their experience with AlwaysOn.

AlwaysOn is a company founded as a for profit. AlwaysOn will collect debt owned to the company in relation to the good as services AlwaysOn provides.

The customer is responsible for all equipment deployed at their location. However, the equipment will remain the property of AlwaysOn and we retain the right of easement to the property at anytime. Customer is required to notify AlwaysOn if they elect to cancel services or if there is any work being done that requires our equipment to be removed. AlwaysOn will accommodate the removal of the device until it can be reattached at no charge. If the equipment is damaged or uncollected. The customer will be responsible for damages up to $450.00 or the current replacement rate.