High-Speed Wireless Internet
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Standard Package
$58 per month

  • Streaming HD video
  • Streaming music
  • Online gaming
  • Home security system
  • Social media

Premium Package
$78 per month

  • Streaming 4K video
  • Online gaming
  • Working from home
  • Home schooling
  • Free Home Wifi

*does not include taxes and fees


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Service packages are offered as "UP TO Speeds". The standard package receives speeds UP TO 50 Mbps. Premium Package sees speeds Up To 100 Mbps. Service speeds are established by location, time of day, device demands, software demands and other factors. Your household or business will not be guaranteed a standard rate of measure. Service packages are subject to federal, state, local and industry taxes and fees.

Custom Service Packages

AlwaysOn can customize service packages to meet your needs. We can offer service speeds up to 1 Gbps. We offer multi-tenant internet solutions. With in-house management functionality or we can provide network management support.

We can provide your business with a custom solution. Anything from office, retail, and call centers. We also offer intra-net solutions for apartment complexes and motels.

We will provide a free consultation, just give us a call for a business assessment and quote.

Unlimited Usage Service Provider

  • All services are billed at a flat monthly rate.
  • ​​No overage charges.
  • No data throttling.
  • Services are available without a contract or credit check.

Who is AlwaysOn High Speed Internet?

We are a fixed wireless broadband provider. This type of high-speed internet access uses radio signal airwaves rather than cables.

The radio receiver at the subscriber's location (residence or business) must have a line of sight to one of our radio towers.

Fixed wireless utilizes radio towers to communicate with each other and with the subscriber's location. These radio towers are similar to cell phone towers.

AlwaysOn High-Speed Internet is dedicated to providing the best internet access possible.  We have put together a network that boasts the latest technology, all on a high-speed fiber backbone.

AlwaysOn is locally owned and operated. Expect local, hometown service that is superior to anything offered by the big guys.