About AlwaysOn High-Speed Internet

We are AlwaysOn

Here we are 10 years into servicing the communities of Bannock county with high-speed reliable internet. Back in 2011, Pocatello made headlines as the city with the worst internet. My business partner and I envisioned a new option for the internet, AlwaysOn. Our home-grown business started offering internet with just a single access point in Pocatello. The goal was to give Pocatello a new, better choice for internet access. Since that time, we have grown the company to have 20 service sites which expanded our footprint into the communities of Chubbuck, Tyhee, McCammon, Robin, Arimo, Virginia, and Downey; with our latest growth in Inkom.

Our partnership

AlwaysOn was started by myself, Ron Miller, and my partner Chad Turner. I am a tenured businessman who has owned and operated six various businesses throughout my life. I first cut my teeth at the ripe of 24 years when I opened an automobile repair shop. Chad was an initial player in modern telecommunication internet starting with Dial Up & DSL internet. As partners have come along way as we ride the waves of the ever-changing technological landscape of wireless internet.

The Future Vision

When the company was first envisioned a standard household operated with a few computers and TVs. Now a typical household demands Ultra High-definition streaming and live gaming. 24-hour communication with AI technology, security systems & home monitors. Smart appliances connection from vacuums to refrigerators. Not to mention remote learning and work-from-home applications that include video conferencing and so much more. The future is the internet and AlwaysOn will continue to grow to meet the needs of our customers. This may be through expanding our service territories or through network service upgrades. Whatever it is, we have been seeded here in Idaho and will continue to cultivate and grow. You can bet on us.


We have many hours of blood sweat and tears poured into this business. We would be quite amiss to not be grateful for the customers who have supported us throughout the years. Some customers have endeavored a handful of growing pains alongside us. We cannot express how thankful we are to have the support of our customers. Here is to ten years past and many more to go.